New Covenant

Jun. 8, 2015

“The governing principles of the Law (Torah)”

The governing principle of the “law” or Torah teaching was to condemn mankind and sentence mankind to death. The “Law”, (Torah teaching) shows that mankind has committed a violation towards God, and that the action of the law for every unregenerate person is eternal damnation. To violate God’s law, simply put means punishment.

 “For the Torah (teaching) through the spirit of life in the Messiah Yeshua set you free from the law of sin and death.” Romans 8:2 (Morford)

            Romans 8:2  For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. NKJV

            Jesus didn’t come into the world to make bad men good, He came into the world to give dead men life.  The “Law” or “Torah” of God has no ability to force anyone to keep it. Nor, is the law a mode of salvation. The book of Romans mentions the word “Law” or “Torah” which means teaching 78 times. Since, the law is an important thing, we need to establish that although the law was given, and God’s law is a glorious thing, He wants us to understand the balance and what it means to be dead to the “law”.

            In Romans chapter 8:3, it states that the law was given because our flesh is weak and that God sent His Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, so that the requirement of righteousness would be fulfilled through Jesus Christ.

            The Holy Spirit changes our sinful nature and grants us victory through our unredeemed flesh; we are also confirmed as God’s adopted children.( Romans 8:15-17, Romans 8:23 and Romans 9:4)

            In Romans chapter 5:20 the “law” was given and the presence of the law caused man’s sin to increase. Men were more aware of their own sinfulness and inability to keep God’s perfect standard and it served as a tutor to drive them to Christ.(Galations 3:19-23)

            If the law had been given to those who were imprisoned by sin, and was able to make people righteous, then there would not have been a need for Jesus to come in the flesh. The “Law” also shows us that man is incapable of saving himself from sin.

            Salvation is not given by the keeping of the law but is by grace through faith Romans 5. True salvation transforms people and the law cannot bring transformation. The “law” can only bring condemnation.  In Galatians 3, the Apostle Paul writes that the law or Torah teaching, serves as a tutor to lead us to Messiah. The difference is between legalism and the promise, and to differentiate the non-believer as a slave to sin or the believer as a son or an heir.

            In Galatians 4:4-7 the apostle Paul says that God sent His son born of a woman who is under law or Torah teaching so that He would redeem those caught under the trap of legalism and that He would adopt us as sons by His Spirit. True salvation also leads to holiness with Christ and gives us liberty from the “law”.

            God’s law is the standard to measure our lives against; you cannot be justified by the law only condemned by it. God gave us the law to show us it was only something that we would break and we were incapable of keeping it. God giving us the law was His way of telling us that we could not be holy in His sight, by trying to keep the law. The Law is merciless, shows no forgiveness and exercises no grace and provides no assistance for salvation.  The law cannot save us it can only condemn us.  Once, the law has been broken, it offers no redemption or deliverance.  

     The law cannot justify us in God’s sight. In Ephesians chapter 2:15 it says that Christ abolished the law of commandments contained in ordinances. The word “ordinance”

means law or regulation, to be governed by and to keep in good order  (Dictionary page 445). Also in Colossians chapter 2:20 states that if the believer died with Christ then we do not subject ourselves to the regulations of the Torah, which are the doctrines of men.

    As a believer in Jesus Christ, we trade our sin and died to the law or Torah according to Galatians chapter 2:18-20 and we live by faith in the flesh by the son of God according to His greatest commandment which is love.